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Avail the Benefits of GFC hair treatment in Mumbai from Hyalo Clinic

Growth Factor Concentrate or GFC is a relatively new and advanced treatment for hair loss. It is supposed to be an even more advanced version of PRP hair treatment. However, such procedure is not easily available in every clinic. Credible facilities like Dr. Tari’s Hyalo Skin and Hair Clinic offer GFC hair treatment in Mumbai.
This safe procedure is known for its superior results for hair loss. Such effective treatments are also used for sports injuries as well. As it is not like a generic medication, it is used to treat particular affected places. The carefully applied concentrated dosage helps to promote hair growth and reduces hair fall.

How does GFC hair treatment work?

Growth Factor Concentrate treatment or GFC works in five different stages. However, it should be noted that the sessions required to make these stages work differ for each patient. Depending on the amount of hair fall and requirements, the dosage is administered. It too, determines the number of sessions one requires. The stages of GFC treatment are as follows –
As GFC hair treatment is done with the help of one’s platelets; hence, the first stage of this procedure is collecting the patient’s blood. Once, blood is drawn from a patient, it is divided into a few tubes to proceed with the preparation of medication.
Different components like PDGF, VEGF, EGF, and IGF-1 are released. Such properties are used to activate the platelets.
As some properties are needed to be added, likewise, some properties are needed to be extracted. The properties which are extracted from platelets to prepare the treatment are, pure Growth Factors from RBCs, WBCs, etc.
Once the technical procedure is done, GFC is collected & is stored in few injections and prepped for treatment.
After the completion of the medication, it is administered in a few sessions. The application of GFC is unique. The medication is inserted in different points of a patient’s scalp. Depending on the dosage, the color of the medication may look somewhat yellowish to reddish.

What are the benefits of GFC treatment?

The top benefits of growth factor concentrate treatment are mentioned below –

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At Dr. Tari’s Hyalo Skin and Hair Clinic, GFC hair treatment are hassle-free and easily accessible. The experts will guide a patient throughout the process. The doctors will determine the right dosage for you to relieve you from hair fall concerns.
What is the cost of hair GFC treatment?
The cost of treatment varies on a patient’s needs. However, at Dr. Tari’s Hyalo Skin and Hair Clinic, you can avail it for the best prices.
Is GFC hair treatment effective for alopecia areata?
Yes, GFC is well suited for curing Alopecia Areata.


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